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Key elements of the electronic assembly service which we provide:


  • Full Procurement – We will provide full procurement of all the required components for your electronic assembly.

  • Production Engineering – We will assess the most efficient production methods for your product so that time and costs are kept to a minimum.

  • Traceability – We will provide full traceability of all the components used in your electronic assembly including date of manufacture and place of origin.

  • Inspection – In process and final product inspection.

  • Software – We will program any software within your electronic assembly.

  • Testing – We will test your product to ensure that it is 100% functional prior to dispatch.

  • Confidentiality – We understand that protecting your product design could be crucial to maintaining your market advantage.

  • Flexibility – We are as comfortable producing prototypes and low volume assemblies as we are producing larger volumes of up to 5,000 –10,000 units a month.

  • Quick Response Times – Whether it be changes to product specification, production quantities, or shortening the timescale of production, we can always help.

  • Design Upgrades And Changes – We are always ready to provide any technical or commercial input to assist you in developing your product as it moves through its product lifecycle.

  • Testing And Repair Of Existing Equipment – Control equipment that has been in service for many years may require repair, refurbishment or upgrade and Spimin is well versed in performing this work. This includes the sourcing of hard to find or obsolete replacement components.

Spimin Developments Ltd

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