LED lighting has developed into the globally accepted standard for efficient, low energy and low maintenance illumination. High efficiency, low energy use and low maintenance LED lights provide perfect solution for internal and external lighting designs.

Specialist Assembly Of LED Circuits. Here at Spimin Developments Limited we manufacture our own range of custom LED products. Our company has over 12 years experience in metal cored PCB assembly. We match high performance with reliable, repeatable, LED colour temperature.
We have the expertise to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible aesthetic, and technical, results with the LED lighting we supply to them.
LED lighting is cool running so less energy is converted to wasteful heat. Greatly reduced maintenance costs arise from the life span of an LED, which will typically last up to a hundred times longer than a standard incandescent bulb, and around ten times longer than a fluorescent tube. LED Lights are more durable than other lighting sources being resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration.

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