From fully automated ‘pick and place’ to manual assembly of prototypes. Spimin can offer quick turn-round, high quality, SMT assembly. We are capable of PCB assembly by a variety of different techniques and to varying degrees of complexity. All of our surface mount technology circuits are fully inspected and tested prior to dispatch.


SMT Assembly

Surface mount components are smaller forms of the older “through-hole” parts, they can be installed much faster and offer greater versatility. SMT reduces the space taken up by components of the circuit board and surface mount parts can be used in conjunction with conventional through hole parts in mixed technology circuit boards. SMT allows for the miniaturisation of printed circuits and the benefits that come with it.

Rohs Compliant Assembly

We can supply both Rohs compliant and leaded assembly surface mount technology (SMT).

Multi-Layer PCB Assembly

Over recent years demand has increased for products using multi-layer printed circuit boards. The growth of multi-layer PCB’s has increased our ability to produce complex electrical products whilst still reducing the end product size. We can supply from simple one or two layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) up to fourteen layer PCB’s

Double Sided PCB Assembly

We can supply PCB’s with components on both sides including QFPs, BGAs and components down to 0402 devices.

Flexible PCB Assembly

Flexible PCB’s are also gaining in popularity to compete with the more conventional rigid PCB’s. Both forms of printed circuit board offer reliable performance, uniform wiring and excellent compatibility with automated machines.

Mixed Technology PCB Assembly

Mixed technology PCB (printed circuit boards) can include surface mount and through hole circuit components, relays, power supplies, contactors, pneumatic assemblies, counters, CT’s and process control/monitoring units.

Expert In PCB Assembly

Here at Spimin Developments Limited we are expert in mixed technology PCB. We are recognized as being at the forefront of circuit board assembly. We are capable of the electronic assembly of a wide array of different products on whatever scale you desire.

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