The Generation Energy Tripping and Indication Panel manufactured by Spimin Developments Limited is a recognised solution for tripping and indication of circuit state between a Distributed Generation Project / Private Network and a Distributed Network Operator (DNO) Grid.

The tripping and indication system is housed in a 300x300x200mm IP rated to IP66 / IEC 60529 wall mounted enclosure normally installed in the exit point substation or for a large generator, in an agreed location with 24 hour access for DNO operational staff. Indication is via fail-safe relay operation and only gives the “OFF” indication when all auxiliary series connected generation contacts are closed. The panel provides the means for the DNO to isolate the Private Network / Generator from the grid for maintenance or in the case of a fault or emergency.
The Generation Energy Tripping and Indication Panel is the ideal solution for 24/7 monitoring and single push button tripping of Private Generation at times of system emergency, particularly essential at unmanned sites.

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